Top 10 Best Table Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players (2020 Reviews)

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The most awkward position as a player is an intermediate player. That is because you have moved from a beginner position but still have not acquired all skills for the next level. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a paddle, it may be a tedious process unless you know what to consider.

With that in mind, we have provided you with detailed information on what you as an intermediate player should have. Our rated paddles offer a lot of power and spin, and also gives you more control to the next level. Read our reviews to find out why they are the best.

How to choose a table tennis paddle for intermediate players?

As a table tennis player, you must know the terms, the rules of the game, and the paddle’s design. With that in mind, there are various things to consider before making any purchase. That includes;

Playing style

As an intermediate player, you should already know your playing style depending on your skill level. The standard playing types know to either be defensive or offensive. However, some players even have a combination of both skills. Knowing your best playing style will make your buying process simple.


By now, you must have known there are different types of racquets in the market. That means each of them can perform at a certain level, either control, spin, and speed. If you want an offensive yet aggressive addle, consider one with high spin and speed. For defensive players, look for one that offers more control and a decent amount of speed and spin to be comfortable.


As we have said before, it all depends on your skill levels. You can decide to go for a pre-assembled paddle or custom paddle together. You must do some background checks on various rubber used to determine which one suits you best.


As an intermediate player, the best blade for you is of 7-plywood material that increases grip stability. Put your attention to paddle weight as well as other weights at the bottom of the blade to avoid inconvenience.


Being an intermediate player means you are very active with your table tennis game; that is why maintenance is crucial. For you paddle to have a longer lifespan and efficiency, cleaning and storing your paddle safely on daily purpose is necessary.

How to clean table tennis paddle?

There are many ways in which you can clean your paddle. Let’s begin with;

Water and sponge

It is the least expensive method known when it comes to paddle cleaning. All you need is warm water and a kitchen sponge. Damp the sponge, then gently wipe the rubber surface until you see dirt and any other particle coming loose. Do not rub vigorously.

If it has a buildup of dirt and oils, let the moisture to soak it off, then wipe it away. You can repeat the same process until the paddle feels tacky again. Finally, air-dry the paddle.

Toothbrush method

If you are using pimpled rubber, you have to use the toothbrush method to clean the hard-reach areas. You may use a damp brush or rubber cleaning. After cleaning, allow it to air dry.

Rubber cleaning solutions

If none of the solutions above is not working, a runner cleaning solution may help. They come in spray and foams. Although from research conducted, you are using some of these solutions that may deteriorate your rubber.

To avoid such, read the instructions given provided to see if it suits your paddle. More so, finding one that protects your paddle rubber from aging and oxidation is very Important.

1. Killerspin Jet400 Smash Intermediate Table Tennis Racket

Best Table Tennis Racket for Intermediate Players

The JET400 Smash N1 is a perfect bat to uplift your game to the next level. The Nitrx-4Z rubbers and Killerspin’s five-layer wood blade construction is for the intermediate and advanced players who wish to rule the competition.

With its impeccable balance and comfortable flare grip, you can quickly move to the next level. The secret is hidden on the thin 1.8 mm sponge that allows you to feel every ball strike and giving you precision shots with an exceptional feeling.

This best table tennis racket for intermediate players comes in a storage box worthy gift. The case has got space to collect scores, personalized messages, and signatures.


  • The superior construction of 5 layers of wood
  • Designed to control both speed and control
  • Comes with a personalized memory book for records, scores and many others
  • Designed for all-round and dynamic play style


  • Great for defensive players

2. Killerspin Jet 600 Table Tennis Paddle

killerspin jet 600 table tennis paddle

The Killerspin JET600 spin N1 is known to be among the most balanced in the Killerspin line. You can rely on Killerspin specifically for power. Its blade design is of five different premium kinds of wood with 6.0mm thickness making it lightweight.

Meaning you will have a balanced control while playing. Designed with quality in mind, this paddle is suitable for intermediate players who need to advance to the next level.

Also, the premium rubber used combines a soft feel to keep you comfortable throughout your competition.

Furthermore, it is a step ahead of its predecessors, both in control and speed. Also, the wood’s denseness makes it the lightest and thinnest paddle in the JET series.


  • ITTF approved table tennis racket
  • High-quality Nitrix-4Z rubber grips construction and plywood hence durable
  • Suitable for intermediate or advanced players
  • 30-day warranty
  • Comes in memory foam box for secure storage


  • The blade laminate is slightly softer for some people

3. Killerspin JET800 Table Tennis Paddle

killerspin jet800 table tennis paddle

Unlike the previous versions of Killerspin Jet, this JET800 outsmarts the rest because of the aggressive attack playstyle. That means it is an all-round paddle, which is very convenient. It generates power that ignites the ping pong competitor in you.

Meaning you will be able to dominate the game with powerful ping pong shots. Its blade comprises two layers of carbon fiber sandwiched around the five-plus of the premium wood.

More so, the burnt wood handle and wooden side tape will always keep the paddle in place from damage and preserve the energy you generate to produce more powerful shots.


  • Uses dual carbon technology for more speed and slams absorption
  • Highly designed table tennis paddle
  • The Nitrix rubber gives you full control of the ball
  • It’s a professional table tennis paddle hence reliable
  • ITTF approved for competition purposes


  • Tends to have low spin abilities
  • Not durable as expected

4. Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket

palio table tennis bat

Since its first release, the Palio Expert 2 racket has remained to be the most popular racket for expert table tennis company. It came about as a collaboration between palio and expert table tennis, which is why it is still the best.

If you are looking forward to producing a high amount of spin, Palio Expert 2.0 is all you need. The racket combines two Palio CJ8000 rubber with an expert table tennis blade to produce a custom bat for players.

That means this racket will meet all your needs and expectation from beginner to expert level. Don’t worry about quality because the rubber used is ITTF approved, and they are also known for maintaining good control, generate spin because of their softer sponges.


  • You get a free palio bat case for storage
  • ITTF approved hence suitable for competition
  • The flared handle is very comfortable and also provides maximum control
  • Perfect bat for beginner


  • The padding is not longlasting

5. Palio Master 3.0 Table Tennis Racket

palio table tennis

Palio Master 3.0 is the third generation of the Palio Expert table tennis series. Its construction tends to be a bit different from the current models. But, it has improvised such that it has wider edge tape that ensures the rubber remains secure.

The blades got redesigned to offer better control than their previous design. If you have mastered basic strokes, this is the right racket for you to advance strokes and maximize your performance at the competition level.

We recommend it because this palio table tennis is custom made and provides you with high levels of speed and spin. You can also consider it as a.perfect investments for you as an intermediate player because it is ITTF approved, and the rubbers are replaceable, making it convenient for use.


  • Rubbers are replaceable
  • ITTF approved
  • Suitable for intermediate players
  • Offers lots of spin and control
  • Custom made and assembled


  • Weighs 115g which can be inconveniencing to some players

6. Joy.J Sport Professional 9-ply Wood Table Tennis Paddle

table tennis brands

The Joy.J sport professional racket is an ideal device for beginners and intermediate players. You will be very comfortable while using this racket because of its construction.

The handle is all-round flared to give you more power and comfort. It also contains carbon hence sweat-absorbing no more slipping.

The 0.8mm rubber used is ITTF approved, and also offers brilliant shots while playing.

More so, the  2.2 mm high elastic sponge provides a firm grip and even explosive speed power while playing, making it more reliable in competitions.

That not being all, it completely differs from other paddles because of the 9-ply wood, which offers excellent power whether you are defending or attacking.


  • High elastic sponge offers excellent speed and power while playing
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Suitable for beginners-intermediate players
  • Solid construction hence durable
  • Comes with a carrying case


  • The rubber begins to feel off after a short while

7. NIBIRU SPORT Professional Paddle Set

best table tennis set

This is best table tennis set. With all the ping pong table and all the gears, you can enjoy playing ping pong with all your friends and family.

NIBIRU SPORT table tennis comes with high-quality ping pong balls and plywood rackets favorable for practice, testing skills, or even starting to play.

Do not worry about your hands getting wet during the tournament or even while gaming at the swimming pool; since it has a first-class grip technology that is sweat and water-resistant.

This best table tennis racket for intermediate players is sturdy, light in weight, and comfortable with its pro premium paddles. You can feel the racket when playing, becoming an extension f your hand.


  • High-quality construction
  • Convenient and of fun
  • Enhanced racket design
  • Innovative blue sponge striking surface for bounce and control


  • Paddles can easily peel off

8. Senston Ping Pong Paddle Premium Racket

best beginner ping pong paddle

Senston utilizes science and technology to make better rackets that are affordable and of excellent performance.

This company pursuits product differentiation from both product and service innovation.

Senston Ping Pong is of 7 play poplar wood, six-play carbon blade, double-sided premium rubber, 2 mm elastic sponge, and an antislip flare handle that enables the tennis bats to work best.

This product offers a speed of up to 92%, good control of up to 85%, and a high spin of 88%.

Its package comes with two superior quality bats,  a substantial bag, and three tennis balls.


  • Table tennis bat material of 7 layers high-quality wood
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor design
  • Quality product with a guaranteed satisfaction


  • Heavy paddle

9. PRO SPIN All in One Ping Pong Set

table tennis bat reviews

If you wish to play ping pong, but you don’t have a proper table, we recommend Pro Spin all in one ping pong kit that comes with a portable net that allows you to practice anywhere.

Whether on your dining table, office table, or anywhere else. With the high-performance paddle and professional balls of 40 mm, you need not worry.

Most manufacturer’s put more attention on the nets, but here is a product that both the net, ball, and paddles are of quality and put into consideration.

This set offers all players a professional level to feel their desire.


  • High-performance balls and rackets
  • Portable net for fun everywhere
  • Durable family pack
  • Ergonomic design


  • Sticky rubber surface

10. Elite Topspin Ping Pong Paddle Set

elite topspin ping pong paddle set

Elite Topspin Ping Pong Paddle Set is suited for up to 4 players with four different performance paddles, four white and four orange tournament balls besides its quality storage case.

It is a custom high-quality table tennis game handle that delivers high-grade professional rackets with performance rubber and solid wood construction.

The balls are of superior 3-star official tournaments and a new portable organizer bag for their storage.

Elite Topspin family tries to achieve its excellence in design, customer service, and craftsmanship by providing high durable performance products and good quality.


  • Premium table tennis set
  • Professional and quality rackets
  • Eight superior official quality balls
  • Modern portable travel organizer bag


  • Low-quality rubber


Paddles are not that expensive as you imagine. You may even get a cheaper paddle for you as intermediate players that works better than top designs.

The reviews above cover all your struggles on finding the best tennis paddle for intermediate players.

You can rely on them to sharpen your skills and take your game to an advanced level without any inconvenience. We hope they will be able to meet your expectation.

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