Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion

Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion

Duro-Med Toilet Seat Cushion

Customer Reviews:

1. This was purchased for a resident in Hospice care that is “wasting” from cancer so the commode has become painful with no muscle padding underneath the hips. This best padded toilet seat very securely to the toilet seat and has enough padding to thoroughly protect the bones from painful contact.

It also raises the height of the commode to a more comfortable level, more like ADA approved height. The cover is removable and washable if needed. Mostly the vinyl is just cleaned off with antibacterial cleaner. Great buy and very reasonable price and spectacular delivery speed with PRIME.

2. I think I may use this as a cushion for my work from the home desk when I am more recovered. Since I am so tender after the surgery, this is not a practical option for the toilet or desk chair at this time.

First, I figure I should identify that the product (I got the 4-inch cushion) just didn’t fit my particular needs. IMO, that does not warrant a bad review. The 4 out of 5, is because I cannot return this unused item (though I get why they may not take it back). I would strongly recommend asking questions if you are not sure. I had to have my surgery the following day and didn’t have enough time to do very thorough research.


– Much more firm than expected
– Gives a lot of height if you are tall without discomfort
– appeared to stay in place
– Durable (well-made, doesn’t seem to be flimsy)


– non-returnable items
– opening to the toilet is too small
– did not flatten enough to feel confident I would not make a mess
– doesn’t seem practical for post-surgical use if you need a cushion

This best padded toilet seat just didn’t work for my situation. I just had surgery where I needed something soft. I took a chance based off of others’ reviews saying it squished down too much. That is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, as someone else mentioned, the opening to the toilet was too small. I felt like because I was not flat enough, I was going to urinate all over the seat and potentially get some on myself.

This MAY work for a male who can possibly aim more strategically while sitting, but not sure how it’s might work for bowel movements without making a huge mess. I needed something post-surgical, but this was not it for me.

3. I bought the two in. the seat at first…. and it worked well. I have been dieting and have cancer….I have lost over forty pounds and sitting on the toilet hurt my bones and nerves…. this product is a relief to my bones and nerves. I would recommend this to anyone in a similar condition. I can now exercise and rebuild my muscles but this has been such a helpful thing. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-padded-toilet-seat/.

Bad Reviews:

1. Nicely put together item, but the foam they use is too soft. The cushion compresses down to less than 2 inches when I sit my 190lbs on it. Worse, the vinyl, as a result, forms a fold or flap that extends into the middle space. This would get in the way of a BM if one were to try it. Wish they would redesign it. It would have been perfect otherwise. Returned.

2. We bought this cushion for my son who weighs 80 lb. We thought even if the foam compressed a lot under a full-size adult it should be okay for him. We were wrong. I bought a competitor’s product from Walgreens ( yes, it cost twice as much) so I can compare the two products. I placed a 25 lb dumbbell across each cushion and the Amazon cushion compressed about twice as much as the Walgreens cushion. I then stood the 25 lb dumbbell (about 4 in in diameter) on the left front tip of each cushion. The Walgreens cushion compressed about 1.5 in, while the Amazon cushion compressed about 3 in.
We have an older Amazon cushion we purchased that we stopped using because it compressed so much. We thought that was just because it was older. We were hoping the newer version of the Amazon cushion would be stiffer. It was not, and I should have listened to the other Amazon reviews. We kept the Walgreens cushion even though it cost twice as much (sometimes it is true … you get what you pay for). The Amazon cushion was returned for a refund.

3. This cushion sounds like a wonderful idea. The material was good quality, well constructed, and arrived in good condition. The problem is that once secured, the open area between your legs is very small, and when you sit down on it, compression causes the cushion to “squeeze out” wider, narrowing the open area even further.

There is essentially little room at all to go to the bathroom without soiling the cushion. It also makes it very hard to wipe. I would not recommend this cushion at all unless absolutely needed due to some type of injury or surgery. I would suggest trying a padded toilet seat first. I bought for my elderly mother and we threw it out after first use.

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