Choosing The Best Portable Solar Panel


The technology used in the production of portable solar panels has come on in leaps and bounds in the last decade. These ingenious units are now foldable and offer exceptional value for money. That’s a good thing, given that our need for renewable solar power to keep our battery life in the green has also increased dramatically due to the proliferation of mobile devices. However, there are other uses for portable solar panels such as camping appliances and emergency equipment.

However, these handy (and increasingly important) pieces of equipment have now become so popular that making the right choice when buying a foldable version can be a confusing challenge.

In order to help you make the right choice here are some great options that have received 5-star reviews from consumers and experts alike.

1. The Big Blue 28W


This foldable solar panel has received rave reviews due to the fact that it shines (no pun intended) when judged according to a whole variety of criteria. Firstly, it is good when the day is cloudy (it’ll also automatically restart), it offers exceptional value for money (under $70 on Amazon), offers a built-in ammeter and two USB ports. It is a bit bulky compared to some, but it charges small devices efficiently and quickly and the accessory pouch is a nice touch.

2. The SunJack 25W


This is the foldable solar solution if you want your devices charged quickly. It’s also tough and can handle those cloudy days with ease. However, compared to its more petite compeition it’s bulky. It also costs considerably more than the budget competition (around $120).

3. The KINGSOLAR Portable Solar Panel


This is another foldable panel that is built for the rough stuff courtesy of its scratch-proof PET polymer fabric. The USB port and the welcome DC port make it incredibly versatile and it is a fasts charging solution for smaller devices such as laptops and mobile phones.

It’s compact enough for overnight hiking or the last mile involved in reaching that favorite fishing spot. However, it is another unit that is not comfortable when the clouds start to gather. Still, at about $150 you’ll be getting quality and performance.

4. The ECEEN 13W / Goertek 25,000mAh


If you want a foldable solar panel that will not break the bank then this is the unit for you. It boasts great portability and lightweight – so it’s ideal for use in those remote areas. The only downsides are that it may find simultaneous charging of multiple devices at the same time a bit of a chore, and it doesn’t cope with low sunlight conditions very well.

However, at under $40 on Amazon, you’ll struggle to find better value. A good alternative is the Goertek 25,000mAh with its three USB ports. At less than $10 more than the ECEEN, it is a viable choice for those who need on-the-go power for multiple devices.

With so many devices and so little leisure time, we want to enjoy what time for relaxation we have. Foldable solar panels give us the luxury of really getting the most out of our downtime – no matter where we find ourselves. More at

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