The Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners


Have you ever played the game of pickleball before? If you have not played before, and you show up at the court, you might believe that someone has done something terribly wrong with a tennis court. That is because they are very similar in their appearance, and the rules are also very much the same.

However, there are subtle differences between tennis and pickleball, plus the pickleball paddles are very much different from a traditional tennis racket. Here is an overview of the game plus how you can choose the best pickleball paddle for beginners.

What Is The Game Of Pickleball All About?


On the court, there are going to be either two people or four people. If there are two people, one will be on either side of the net. If there are four people, such as when you play doubles in tennis, there will be two people on either side. Each person is going to have their own pickleball racket. There are lines and areas that must be observed. There is an area near the net which is called the kitchen. This is a place where you are not allowed to volley as you would in the game of tennis.

Is This Game Similar To Racquetball?


The only real similarity between this game and racquetball is the size of the racket itself. In pickleball, it almost resembles a large ping-pong paddle, and it is used in a very different way. The size is much smaller, and the neck of the paddle is also much shorter, which is why some people reflect upon how similar it looks when playing the game of racquetball. When you are a beginner, you want to have a very specific type of pickleball paddle if you want to do your best.

The Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners


According to most people that have reviewed the many different pickleball paddles on the market, the GF200 by ARD is considered to be the best. This is because it is an entry-level model, which means that it is very sophisticated, giving the newbie the biggest advantage. That is because the head of the racket is very wide, as well as somewhat rectangular, giving you a much wider area with which to hit the ball. Additionally, the handle is much shorter, with very little space between where you will hold the pickleball paddle and where the ball will strike the paddle.

How To Get These For A Reasonable Cost


Every review website that you will find will have links pointing to a multitude of different pickleball paddles. You will want to go through each of these links, look at the prices they are charging, specifically for this particular panel. Simply choose the one that is offered at the lowest price and can also save you money on shipping.

Pickleball is a fun game that you can play in it will likely be something you will enjoy if you play badminton, racquetball, or tennis. If you are an enthusiast of the game of tennis, you will certainly recognize the similarities between this game and tennis because of the appearance of the court. Once you have this beginner’s pickleball racket, you can begin to play much more proficiently then you would without it. Start looking today for discounts on this pickleball racket that can help you play this game. More at

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