How Do You Find The Best Metal Detector Under $1000?


How do you find the best metal detector under $1000? If you’re serious about getting a metal detector, then you want to spend enough on it to get a good one. However, you also don’t want to blow your money on something that’s just way too much.

A grand is a healthy budget for a metal detector, but even if you stay under that, you’re still potentially spending hundreds of dollars for the device. If your savings and income level means you need to stay on budget for things, then you can’t afford to get this wrong in times of economic uncertainty.


Doing product comparisons online is a great place to start. There are four steps to this part of the process.

First, you can see what’s on the market. If you’ve been thinking about a metal detector for a while, then you have likely at least casually browsed the market for what’s available. Now is the time to look into anything and everything.

Second, look for what experts have to say about certain metal detectors. Product review sources love ranking what models they think are best, although you might see ‘best’ categories for several different ranges under $1000.

Third, see what actual users have to say. The firsthand feedback of metal detector users, both professional and enthusiast alike, will give you great information about which metal detectors might match your intended uses for the device.

Fourth, eliminate any models under $1000. This might seem obvious, but it can get kind of tricky when you’re right over the line or just under it. Would a $999 model suit you if shipping and handling took the price over a grand buying online? What if you see a good one at $1,100 but you can wait for a sale?


Once you factor in what others think and what prices are like, don’t forget to factor in what your needs are. How heavy is each metal detector? Will it fit in your vehicle easily and safely? What are the upkeep and maintenance like? What about the warranty or replacement parts? Dive into the details about actually owning a particular metal detector.

Someone might tell you that a metal detector should be able to make you money once you own it. After all, you’ll keep finding coins with it right? While it’s true that you can find a lot of coinage with a metal detector, your hourly rate of doing so isn’t going to be very good. You’d have to find 40 quarters an hour for a hundred hours in order to pay the thing off.

Having a great metal detector is more of the fun of it, the sense of adventure and discovery. Granted, you might find relics worth money to collectors, and there are professional tasks only metal detectors can do, but your investment into the machine is just that, an investment. Never overspend assuming you’re guaranteed to make money, so be sure to use these tips to keep your buying under budget. More at

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