Choosing The Best Cordless Miter Saw


A miter saw, commonly known as a chop saw, is one of the essential tools in the workshop. It is designed to help accurately cut door frames, crown molding, picture frames, and window casings quickly and easily without breaking a sweat.

Miter saws can either be corded or cordless, with each having its pros and cons. While cordless miter saws might be battery-powered, most of them pack the same punch or even more powerful than corded ones. Cordless saws are also versatile, for they can be used outdoors off the grid.

All cordless miter saws aren’t designed the same. That said, it would be advisable to research, test, check reviews, and ratings on the best portable miter saws before investing in one. Outlined below is a guide and critical factors to consider when shopping for the best cordless miter saw.

1. Precision


The best miter saw (corded or not) can make precise cuts with minimal to no adjustments whatsoever. Thus, the saw needs to be stable enough to make the finest cuts, especially on angled cuts. The size of the blade, number of teeth, and weight are some of the factors that make it possible for the miter saw to make sharp cuts. The cordless miter saw you wish to buy thus needs to be stable enough for easier handling.

2. Battery Capacity


The batteries’ capacity and efficiency are other factors to have in mind when shopping for a cordless miter saw. While most cordless miter saws can easily handle a light job, you don’t want its juice dying out halfway through the job.

However, some of the best miter saws on the market come equipped with a durable battery pack, capable of lasing several hours on load. A bigger battery doesn’t, however, always mean more time, but rather its efficiency. You might thus want to go for known brands and request two battery packs if possible. Two packs mean you can continue working with one while the other charges.

3. Single Vs. Dual-Bevel Compound


Are you looking to make angled cuts in two planes? An excellent cordless miter saw is capable of making angle cuts, hence the name dual-bevel. This is because you don’t necessarily need to flip the workpiece when using a cordless miter saw.

Experts, however, recommend going for a single-bevel compound, for it makes the most accurate cuts. However, you might want to go for the most powerful cordless dual-bevel compound miter saw if looking for improved efficiency and speed.

Choosing the best cordless miter saw doesn’t have to be a chore. All you need to consider is the ability to make smooth cuts, smooth slides, power, and long run times. The stand should also be great as well. Some manufacturers equip their saws with an automatic speed change system for improved efficiency and safety.

You can also choose to go with a manual speed throttle, mostly if you prefer to control your equipment. It would also be advisable to visit the store yourself to see what options there are before settling on one brand or type. More at

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