How To Find The Best 7 Inch Angle Grinder?


A 7 inch angle grinder is a tool that has a maximum cutting depth of 70mm. Before searching for options, you should ensure that this is exactly the type of tool you need for your projects. If you buy your angle grinder to use for making shallower cuts, you may be better off with the typical 4.5 inches one. If you decide you do need the best 7 inch angle grinder, you’ll want to read this article to the end to find out how to make the best purchase.

The wattage is one of the parameters that have a direct influence on your experience with the angle grinder. A higher wattage provides you with more power, so you’ll be able to cut through more difficult materials. If you don’t know how to choose the right wattage, seek out for expert advice. Any tool shop assistant should be able to help you.


Most 7 inch angle grinders have variable speed. Even though you may be tempted to save money by buying one with only one working speed, you shouldn’t do it. Multiple speeds allow you to deliver more accurate results, as they offer you better control over the cutting process.

In addition, such a tool allows you to choose the right speed for the type of operation you need to perform. Whether you need your angle grinder for cutting through materials, grinding, sanding or polishing, you’ll be able to set its working speed to suit your needs.

If you need to use your 7 inch angle grinder in places where there’s no power outlet, you should choose a cordless one. Cordless angle grinders feature a rechargeable battery and they are as reliable as corded ones. However, if you only want to use the tool in your workshop, at your workbench, you should probably get a corded one, in order to avoid the need for recharging the battery.

Also, when doing your research, try to pick only brushless grinder models. Brushless motors are more powerful and also more durable, as they don’t have parts that can wear out that easily. These angle grinders are also more silent, this being yet another reason why they are so poplar among workers and DIY fans everywhere in the world.


Everybody knows that angle grinders are among the most dangerous power tools. When it comes to 7 inch ones, the safety issue becomes even more serious, as they can cause severe injuries. Always seek for tools with a wide range of safety features such as slow-start, paddle switches and anti-kickback functions.

The slow-start function allows you to position your disc with excellent accuracy and hold your position as you power the tool. If the disc were to start spinning at full speed right from start, you’d have a very difficult time at controlling it.

Last but not least, make sure you pick a reliable brand. Big brands invest in customer services and after-sales support. They are also more reliable than no-name manufacturers. This is very important when it comes to power tools. For best results, avoid cheap brands. More at

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